Copperheads are common snakes in the southeastern United States, but it is not often you get a good of a view as this one.

The Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortix) is a common but fairly secretive venemous pit viper in the southeastern United States. It is not aggressive and its common response to a threat is to lay very still. I’ve heard it said that most Georgians have been within a few feet of one, but probably don’t know it. Until today, I had only seen three in my life, two in our yard, and one on the Orange Trail along the Middle Oconee River in the UGA Botanical Gardens. I added my fourth this morning.

This one was lying in our street about 7:30 this morning, likely drawn to the continuing warmth of the street after sundown. Although it didn’t budge even as I approached, it was clear from a second picture from half an hour later that it had moved slightly and was alive.