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by Steven Holland

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SSH into a Headless Raspberry Pi

21 April 2017

In my latest explorations of the Raspberry Pi, my goal is to use its GPIO pins as a sensor and report the results on a web page, combining the capabilities of the Pi’s. In this post, I set up my Pi to run headless, that is, without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. To do that, I’ll need to access it through secure shell.


Swift on Raspberry Pi

16 April 2017

Since being open-sourced by Apple, Swift has been ported to a a variety of platforms, which is good news not only for code reuse and writing in a consistent language, but also because Swift has many good features. I like writing in Swift, in part because it forces me to think critically about what each method returns.


Preserving User’s Data

16 January 2017

Years ago, many scientists I knew used three Mac apps to plot their data, CricketGraph, KaleidaGraph, and DeltaGraph. Although some of these are still available, some after checkered histories of availability, most scientists I know have moved on to other options, especially R. These apps had proprietary binary data formats for storing the data, the scientist’s data. You were locked in...


FTDI Drivers AND OS X 10.11

24 July 2016

While building a new Arduino project on OS X El Capitan (10.11), I wasn’t able to connect using a serial port. Getting the serial port as an option was possible with some temporary changes to Apple’s System Integrity Protection.


David Raup and Balance

24 April 2016

I have one observation about Dave that I'd to share with you. We don't become rich by doing paleontology; we do it because it fascinates us. Because of that, …


The Basics of Closures in Swift

8 January 2016

Closures are one of the great features in Swift.


Late-summer caterpillars

7 September 2015

The end of summer has brought a profusion of caterpillars to our yard, and many of them look like something out of Dr. Seuss.



8 August 2015

I went out for a short hike this morning with my 11-year-old son. One of our favorite nearby hikes is the orange trail at the State Botanical Gardens here in Athens. One of the reasons it’s a favorite is the stream and the chance to explore for critters.


Arduino and R

22 February 2015

Like Hepburn and Bogart, Arduino and R are made for each other. The only trick is getting the two to talk. I came across a recent post on Mages’ blog with that trick. With it, I made R read temperature data from the Arduino and plot it in real time.


DIY Arduino Board

17 January 2015

Arduino boards have come down in price, but you can make your own for about $10. It’s pretty simple, and it’s a good way to learn how an Arduino board works.


Start Something New

11 January 2015

What I’ve always admired about Apple is their emphasis on creativity. Inspired by their post Start Something New a couple of weeks ago, I’ve started exploring with my camera.


Indispensable Tools

31 December 2014

Dave Verwer’s most recent issue of iOS Dev Weekly got me thinking about the tools I use in development. Like Dave, I thought this would be a good time to review which are the most helpful to me.


Data and iOS

6 September 2014

In updating one of my apps (Coordinates) to using storyboards instead of .xib files, I took the opportunity to rethink how the app worked as a whole..