UGA Stratigraphy Lab

The data is in the strata


This website was developed as part of a research project funded by the National Science Foundation (EAR-0087055).

Jonathan Adrain and Loren Babcock answered questions regarding trilobite taxonomy.

Dan Goldman contributed a photograph of Geniculograptus typicalis.

Bill Heimbrock contributed a photograph of Lepidolites dickhauti.

Brenda Hunda clarified the taxonomy of the calymenids, and graciously facilitated photography of bryozoans at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Kyle Hartshorn clarified the status of numerous species of corals, mollusks, polychaetes, and echinoderms. He also brought to my attention reports of Cincinnatian species that had been unknown to me.

Jack Kallmeyer donated specimens, contributed many photographs, and made numerous helpful comments on many aspects of the site, particularly the crinoid pages.

Joe H. Marak, while Preparator-Curator at the K.E. Limper Geology Museum at Miami University, graciously allowed me to photograph specimens of the Museum.

Al Scheer pointed out revisions and references to Cincinnatian lichid trilobites.

Alison Smith helped with species assignments in the ostracoda.

Colin Sumrall, while Assistant Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Cincinnati Museum Center allowed me to photograph specimens at the Museum and tracked down many specimens in the collections.