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Branched zooarium, sometimes unbranched, sheetlike to frondose, rarely anastomosing with large openings in zooarium. Elliptical to subrectangular zooids arranged in multiple, long, straight rows.


Stictopora emacerata (Nicholson)
Occurrence: Mount Hope, Fairmount, Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty, Whitewater, Elkhorn
Reference: Dalvé, 1948; Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Formerly Dicranopora emacerata

Stictopora internodia (Miller & Dyer)
Occurrence: Fairmount
Reference: Dalvé, 1948
Formerly Dicranopora internodia

Stictopora lata (Ulrich)
Occurrence: Waynesville
Reference: Dalvé, 1948
Formerly Rhinidictya lata

Stictopora meeki (James, 1878)
Occurrence: Southgate, McMicken, Mount Hope (abundant)
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Dalvé, 1948
Formerly Dicranopora meeki
Long (6 mm) and very narrow (0.5 mm) segments, with four (sometimes three) rows of zooecia on each face.

Stictopora neglecta (Ulrich, 1893)
Occurrence: Clays Ferry
Reference: Karklins, 1983
Formerly Rhinidictya neglecta

Stictopora parallela (James, 1878)
Occurrence: Fulton, Economy, Southgate
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Dalvé, 1948
Originally named Ptilodicya parallela; also called Rhinidictya parallela
Straight, parallel-side, bifoliate, rarely branching. Zooecia in longitudinal rows.