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Specimen Photo Specimen Photo

Leptotrypa sp. in longitudinal (left) and tangential (right) sections. Field of view is 1.5 mm. CMC 61586.

Leptotrypa is a thin encruster and has sharp monticules. Zooecia have thin walls and have almost no diaphragms. Mesozooids are rare, and styles are scarce and small.


Leptotrypa calceola (Miller and Dyer, 1878)
Occurrence: Corryville
Reference: Dalvé, 1948
Originally named Monticulipora calceola.

Leptotrypa clavacoidea (James, 1871)
Occurrence: Corryville
Reference: Bassler, 1906; Dalvé, 1948
Originally named Chaetetes clavacoideus. Also called Monticulipora (Monotrypa) clavacoidea.
Club-shaped zoarium, and lacks mesopores

Leptotrypa cortex Ulrich, 1883
Occurrence: Economy
Reference: Dalvé, 1948

Leptotrypa minima Ulrich, 1883
Occurrence: Bellevue, Corryville; Whitewater
Reference: Brown and Daly, 1985; Cuffey in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention); Schumacher et al. in Davis and Cuffey, 1998 (mention)
Includes Leptotrypa ornata Ulrich, 1883.