Steven Holland

R tips


Setting up your R environment


Colors and color blindness

Coloring points

Special characters and typography in axis labels

Adding error bars to simple bar plots

Subscripts and superscripts

Plots with semi-transparent symbols

File handling

Excel’s text file formats

Working with directories

Importing csv files with quotes

Special data types and analyses

Making maps

Sandstone provenance

Ternary plots

Rose diagrams

Estimating diversity with SQS

Transformations of proportions and percentages

Regression diagnostic plots

Creating Julian dates

Better coding

Handling groups of data

Magic numbers and strings

Avoiding loops in R

The perils of attach()

Sharing your R work easily

Asking questions

Unpacking commands

What to put in your Rprofile

Writing your own functions


Subsetting data frames

Unusual distributions from the bootstrap

Working with distributions: r, d, q, and p

Matrices and data frames

Calling functions by name and position

Setting the working directory in Windows

Using one vector to retrieve part of another vector

Blanks in row names and column names

Testing for randomness